Create Your Cool Appearance by Wearing Pattern Legging

Nowadays, must have item is legging. Yup, certainly leggings are the most fun fashion item that can be combined with a variety of clothes. Plain leggings is too boring, it’s time to add to your collection with patterned leggings! Starting from the world fashion week runway, fashion houses such as LuLaRoe Charlotte and others helped popularize a variety of cool patterned leggings. Throughout the year, there are new models of leggings motive. Leggings motive for solid match, follow the following tips:

  1. If you want to play safe, mix with a shoe in neutral colors. Leggings that are combined with a striking color. Definitely cool!
  2. For light-colored leggings motive, mix with brown, beige or white.
  3. Want to combine with colored tops? Sure. Select the matching tops with leggings motive

Tricks Mix and Match Leggings

Clothing that follows the shape of one’s body can be a dazzling choice if getting a touch of artistic and fashion that fits both the wearer and the occasion will be attended. For a more elegant look with leggings look, slick and trendy, forge a unique and need to be applied. Then the following can be used as a reference when will wear leggings, namely:

  1. For curvy body

Curves will be highlighted by wearing leggings combined with falling or tunic dress made from extra wear belts will appear harmonious and fashionable. So that the buttocks are generally large to be disguised and covered. Definitely your appearance more stunning and attractive.

  1. For short body

To disguise the impression of a short, select and put jegging, legging jeans mix and match with high heels, boots or flat shoes. Selection of striped patterns or motifs should be vertical in order to give the impression of a higher, slender with a monochromatic color. The combination of the casual to casual occasions to wear a t-shirt combined with a matching vest or leather jacket. The appearance will be more secure in wearing high heels that give the impression of a higher, more foot ladder and looking trim.

  1. For tall body

The ideal body shape and proportional not to bother because the posture has been very supportive of the chic appearance of a person. Selection of any kind leggings necessarily fit, stay combining motifs, colors and what opportunities will be attended. The addition of accessories such as a scarf, jacket or coat length using flat footwear or boots it looks cozy, masculine and ‘chic’.