Meaning and Importance of Art

Art is the result of an expression of beauty, sadness, joy and others. That his form could be painting, sculpture, graphics, dance, music, and more. A wide stream of art, among others, Classicism, romanticism, Naturalism, Realism, Expressionism and Impressionism.

  1. Classicism namely, the flow of art, buildings, spatial, and literature which refers to the shape of the antique / classic.
  2. Naturalism, attempt to apply the scientific outlook on art and philosophy.
  3. Realism is an emerging stream of Romanticism, Realism shows the real things.
  4. Expressionism, is the art form that promotes disclosure of an invention. Average impressionism is the flow of basing the creation of works, of what is seen and lived.


Based on research by experts declared art / works of art has been around since the past 60,000 years. This evidence found on the walls of caves in southern France. The proof in the form of painting in the form of incisions on the walls using colors that depict early human life.

Artifact / evidence is reminiscent of modern expressive painting. It can be seen from the freedom to change the shape. One thing that differentiates between human artwork Modern Primitive humans is located on the end of its creation. If early humans making art / culture on a mass markers are solely for the benefit of Socio-religious, or early humans are the figures that are still restricted by the forces around it.

While modern humans making art / culture in the mass markers used for personal satisfaction and describes the environmental conditions in other words modern man is a figure who wants to discover new things and have broader horizons. All forms of art in antiquity has always been characterized by a magical consciousness; because it is so early human culture. From a simple life that worships nature to the awareness of the existence of the Arts was divided into several kinds among others, Art, Music Art, Painting, Sculpture, Sculpture, Dance, and many other arts.

Initially art was created for the common / jointly owned works of art that were left in pre-historic cave of caves never identifies the manufacturer. Similarly, relics from the past such as buildings or artifacts in the ancient Egyptian, Byzantine, Roman, Indian, or even in Indonesia alone. If ever there was some explanation on these artifacts only explanation stating the object / building created for anyone. “It was only in after times, said archaeologists I do not know for sure. We can conclude artistry in the days before modern art not individualistic aspect.

Since when individualizing function of art began to appear?, Said the historian again, he-he said that since entering the art of the modern era. Why did it happen ? (The word of my little quote the words of experts earlier). Because it follows the pattern of human thought that wants looking for novelty and change (for better or worse). In art history occurred many shifts. Since the renaissance, or even earlier, bases ritual of artwork in danger as a result of the secularization of society. That threat prompted the art situation finally began to look for autonomy and began to rise above the secular cult of beauty itself.

In other words, the function of art becomes a medium of expression, and any artistic activity is a form of creative expression activities, and each work of art is a form of a new, unique and original. Because it is free and original artwork position ultimately be individualistic. Art in its development in modern times subject to change or division of the fine arts or applied arts / art and design that further the art and design, “High Art” for Fine Arts and “The Art of Low” for the Applied Arts or Design.

Because according to the high art of an artist is not influenced by external factors (the market needs / commercial purposes) in creating a work of art / pure expression, while low art is art in its creation is influenced by external factors. Art must be different to be different from other objects (goods); he must have “something”.

Something that did not just become a commodity. Because of a work or object as a commodity would destroy the social spirit, the pattern of production of goods that become a commodity is determined pattern from above by a manufacturer.