New Pastor Oyakhilome and Pastor Hinn Coming Soon

Religion can be a tough subject to talk about in America with all the differences and arguements in todays society. One man though Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is determend to break through these diagrements. Many have not heard abouth this Chris Oyakhilome. He was born Decemmber 7, 1961 into the family of T. Oyakilome. Chris Oyakhilome is a writer, phalanthropist ( helping the poor, sick and depressed mentally and physically.He has an Inner City Mission project which saves and assist with orphan and indigen childre inthe inner city children in proverty and assists orphaned children in the inner cities. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is also known highly as the President of Christ Embassy also known as Believers LoveWorld Inc.

Believers LoveWorld Inc. which we will refer to as Christ Embassy was founded by Pastor Oyakhilome and his University in 1990. Millions of members have joined this church and since it has become a part of a global newtwork of churches it now reaches out to many different countries. This ministry has published books by Pastor Oyakhilome such as Rhapsody of Realities which is a daily devotional that was and still is a big success. Most of his writings and teachings focus on spiritual growth, devine healing and health as well as Christian living. These devotionals are available in different languages for readers all over the world. I seems tthough even with all the books, social media, and members Pastor Oyakhilome has yet gained one more way to reach more people and strengthen faith. What way are we talking about you may ask. Well the answer to that would be T.V.

LoveWorld USA is a new religious Television netwook that will Demonstrate Gods power on a daily basis. The cable network channel is scheduled to come out in July 2017. Pastor Oyakhilome was not the only person who worked to get this network underway. A fellow pastor by the name of Pastore Benny Hinn also worked to get this underway and hopefully make it a big success and positive daily motivation for those all over the world. Paster Hinn is also known for his Evangelism,and best-selling books there is much more he has been recognized for to make mention. The two pastors hope for viewers to experiences Gods devine presence from their homes when watching. There are already live broadcastings of their progams and have been since the mid-nineties with coast to coast coverage growing over the years. This is the first time that either will have thier own religious network. The network will feature News which is different from what alot of religious viewer will be use to. Also some already available shows such as Pastor Hinn’s This is your Day will be featured on the new network. The network will be based out of California and available worldwide through internet. Sprectrum Cable newtwork will help with this broadcast. Do not forget Coming July 2017.