Role Art Train Intelligence

The art of conversation the general was a result of human thought has the values of beauty (aesthetics). The works of art on earth is filled with the result of the artist’s works. The bottom line is through the media that are used, the expression of artists to flow in the audience. Certainly not easy to realize everything.

The artist was awarded the Lord a surplus to translate the expression itself. Through the works of art that inspires the movement of the feelings of the audience. Meaning here hotbed of art is human emotion. The plus side for people who are familiar with the art is the creation of a better emotional maturity.


In modern psychology known as EQ (Emotion Quotient). And in turn has contributed to the increase in IQ (Intelligence Quotient)

I’m trying to connect how big the role of art in developing intelligence.

Why are people who are more socially successful while his IQ is not good? First of all we need to first understand that emotional intelligence (EQ) is not the opposite of intelligence Quotient (IQ). EQ IQ precisely complement as well as academic intelligence and cognitive skills. Research shows that in fact emotional states affect brain function and speed of work. Nonetheless, EQ and IQ differ in terms of studying and developing. IQ is a genetic potential that is formed at birth and became steady at a certain age during pre-puberty, and after it can no longer be developed or improved. Instead, EQ can be learned, developed and improved at any age.

Research actually shows that the ability to learn EQ will increase with age. Another difference, IQ is a threshold capability that can only point the way for our careers or make us work in a particular field; while the EQ continues to run and push us in that area. Therefore, a balance between IQ and EQ is an important element of managerial success. To a certain extent, IQ encourage productive performance. But competency-based IQ is a “threshold capability”, meaning the capacity required for an average job. Instead, competence and skill-based EQ is much more effective, especially in the system is higher. In a comparison study between the performance is brilliant and mediocre at high-level organization, the difference is 85% due to the competency based EQ, not IQ. Dr. Goleman says that although his organization is different, different needs, it turns EQ contributed 80-90%.

In his research, IQ and EQ the participants were tested and analyzed in depth. Then they are organized into several working groups, and each group was given training on one form of EQ competencies, such as self-management and social skills, as control is a group of people high IQ. When an evaluation of the value-added economy given EQ competencies and IQ, the results are staggering. The group with high social skills to produce a score of 110% increase in profits, while the self-management provided a record 390% increase in profits, increased $ 1,465,000 per year. In contrast, groups with high cognitive abilities and analytical, reflecting the IQ, just add 50% profit; that is to say, IQ indeed improve performance, but are limited because only a threshold capability. Competency-based EQ is obviously much more encouraging performance.

Comparison of IQ: EQ it is 20: 80. That is the bigger the EQ that we develop, the greater the IQ that can be achieved. If both of them have found a permanent balance, born super strength, the force of the soul, or so-called Spiritual Intelligence (SQ).

God made man has the inner qualities that vary among each other. There are three types of properties or inner strength that stands out which is the human nature that vary it. Among them are:

  1. The power sense
  2. The strength of feeling
  3. The power of the soul

In modern terms, is called IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient) and SQ (Spiritual Quotient). It is true that the current educational system is very weak when concerned with the power of reason or IQ alone. No place and space for students strong spirit and strong feelings or in other terms a strong SQ (Spiritual Intelligence) and its EQ. Therefore, they have been marginalized in a system that is only concerned solely IQ. No wonder they have broken up and swept away because they could not adapt to the existing system. They’re sharpening and tested to produce a work sense when their strength does not lie there. In the things that they are interested in and capable by the strength of feeling and soul they never developed. The impression is feeling the pressure, disappointment, despair and error. Then apply the one act of vengeance as a manifestation of the frustration, feeling the pressure, despair, and this mistake. Strong soul raged, rebel and a breach of discipline and rules. Strong feelings too sulky, moody, feel inferiority complex, despair and mental illness.

Back to parse the title of this article, it is clear that in order to encourage the formation of strong emotional intelligence, not wrong if through art, habituation to all things artistic, develop creativity, contact with high values, it’s all we can try to do since I was young.