What Is Art VideoCommercial artwork’s purpose is to sell products, whereas high quality artwork’s objective is to be an aesthetic object to be appreciated for its wonderful and unique qualities. Warhol’s silk-screened Brillo boxes is an ideal example of how commercial artwork merged with effective artwork. Of course, that’s not the standard by which people really thinking about artwork would decide artwork. Artists are free to create any artwork kind out of any object or material that’s obtainable to them.

After the profitable introduction of video gear for consumers within the United States within the 1960s, Europe followed somewhat later, and artists started to experiment with the new medium. Commercial art included tv and print ads, and mass produced pictures, while positive art consisted of one-of-a-sort unique objects resembling work, sculptures and works on paper that had been exhibited in artwork galleries and museums. An Art Track consists of the sound recording, the … Read More

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