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The ArtistKnown for his huge contribution to the canon of great art in the twentieth century, Pablo Ruiz y Picasso (1881—1973) is one of the masters of Modernism. Thus if an artist fantasizes about beautiful virtuous ladies, he paints angels in heaven as a form of ‘sublimation’ of his deeper wish. Knowing who one is as an artist and how one’s inventive id coincides with cultural and financial tendencies influences branding and creating a viable buyer base. Additional generous funding is offered by Maja Oeri and Hans Bodenmann, Agnes Gund, Marie-Josèe and Henry Kravis, Jerry I. Speyer and Katherine G. Farley, David Teiger, and The Junior Associates of The Museum of Modern Art. During 1875-78, the artist labored at a number of glass houses to polish his glass artistry expertise.

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