The Walrus Talks What Is Art, Anyway?.

What Is Art VideoA concept is an idea or thought, so the term conceptual art means actually ‘idea art’ – or artwork about concepts. Though the Catholic Church remained a significant patron of the arts throughout the Renaissance-from popes and other prelates to convents, monasteries and different spiritual organizations-works of art were more and more commissioned by civil government, courts and rich people.

In Venice, artists such as Giorgione (1477/78-1510) and Titian (1488/ninety-1576) further developed a technique of painting in oil directly on canvas; this system of oil portray allowed the artist to remodel an image­-as fresco painting (on plaster) didn’t-and it would dominate Western artwork to the current day.

The influence of conceptual artwork additionally stretches method past the early 1970s with modern artists similar to Martin Creed , who is sometimes called a conceptual artist, championing the importance of the idea and technique of art making over the art object.

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