The Benefits Of Art In Society

Human life can not be separated along with art because art is part of human life is as important as the other primary needs.

A work of art can function both individually for its creators and the audience, and socially in daily life – today

  1. Individual Functions

a. Individual function of art to meet the spiritual needs

Faithful individuals must have emotions and emotional demands that need to be channeled so that does not happen to be a burden for him


For an artist that emotion can be channeled through the arts, such as painting and sculpting others – others. Because art is an activity that involves the expression of the deep, and expressing feelings is a spiritual activity

As for individuals – other individuals who are not artists art can also function to meet the spiritual needs is a way to enjoy (express) works of art, such as watching movies, watch drama shows, listen to music or visiting the exhibition. Activities – such activities can cause a sense of beauty or inner pleasure individually

b. Individual function of art to meet the physical needs

In addition to works of pure art, also wear a lot of artwork created by artists or craftsmen, such as clothing furniture, equipment – kitchen tools, utensils and jewelry. Individual works of art can function physically, as a result we can use to meet the various needs of daily life – today

  1. Social Function

A work of art has a social value if:

  1. Can influence the behavior or actions of collective public
  2. Created to be seen and used in the general atmosphere
  3. Trigger or describe aspects of existence that are social or collective as opposed to individual experiences something

In real life – the day we can find works of art applied in various fields, namely the field of recreation, communication, educational and religious fields

a. The social function of art in the field of recreation

This function is, artwork deliberately served as a means of entertainment to give pleasure or happiness to the general public. As; arts or puppet performances, orchestra, drama etc.

b. The social function of art in the field of communication

If the artwork is used as a medium for conveying information to the public. Thus the work of art has a social function in the field of communication. For example, information about the nine-year compulsory inserted through the drama appeals to preserve the environment is poured with songs, illustrated with a caricature of social criticism and so on

c. The social function of art in the field of education

The role of the arts in education is as props to facilitate the learning process so that students understand more easily and take it. For example an event in the history conveyed by the film

d. The social function of art in the field of religion

Since the birth of the culture, the art has been associated with a sacral function. Humans believe in their strength – magic powers do with art. Then the decline of religion – any religion form the art as an activity inseparable from religious activities. For example worships spirits – the spirits of ancestors or gods realized with the statue. Delivering the propagation of Islam with a puppet show or drama. Praise – praise to Jesus with the choir in the church – the Church

  1. Physical

This function is related to the physical needs of man, either used directly or as a complementary activity. For example, clothes, furniture (tables, chairs, cabinets), the house as a residence, crafts, jewelry, communications equipment, shoes and bags.