The New Religious TV Station

There is good news to the believers and Christians of America and the world at large. This is after Pastor Chris Oyakhilome announced the plans to establish a cable television next month in July. Chris Oyakhilome the president of the Christ Embassy, also referred to as the Believers’ Love World Inc. is collaborating with Pastor Benny Hinn in the cable television project. This Evangelical cable television will be termed as LoveWorld USA which will be transmitting programs from America to the rest of the world. The launch of the station will be making people witness the healing power of God.

  1. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Chris Oyakhilome is a Nigerian- based teacher of the ministry. Chris Oyakhilome received the call from God while pursuing his academics at the Ambrose University. He has been in the ministry for over thirty years. His ministry, Christ Embassy has branches in countries such as South Africa and America. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is known to hold crusades that attract thousands of followers in countries such as Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Chris Oyakhilome ministry heads several programs such as the Healing School, teaching and, a prayer program such as the Rhapsody of Realities. In addition, Chris has an organization based in Africa that helps the needy and especially the youth in the society.

  1. Who is Pastor Benny?

Pastor Benny Hinn-like Pastor Chris is a popular minister of the word with over 40 years’ experience. He heads the Benny Hinn School of Ministry with its headquarters in Texas. At a young age of 22, he received the divine call that marked the turning point in his life. He has a program aired in over 200 countries, and through his ministry, he has changed the lives of millions. This is through his mega crusades that he has held across the world, attracting over 7 million followers in three seating. Besides being a teacher of the word, Benny is an author of the best inspirational books such as ‘Prayer That Get Results’

In addition, as part of the ministry, this televangelist is involved in helping the needy in the society. For instance, his ministry works with a children’s home such as ‘My Father’s House’ in Mexico to provide feeding programs. His ministry has been involved in providing relief to the needy for years now across the globe.

  1. Believers Love World Inc. Channels.

The Believers Love World ministry that is based in over 50 countries across the world has four television channels that broadcast daily devotion prayers and teachings. Its channels include the Love World TV, Love World TV- and the Love World SAT.

  1. LoveWorld USA

The evangelical channel will be transmitting its content from the USA to the whole world. This channel will feature some of the two pastor’s programs such as ‘This is Your Day’ and the ‘Atmosphere of Miracles’. This will start on the Olympu sat cable TV as from the summer period.

The channel will be one unique channel as it holds the solution to our daily struggles as Christians. Testimonies about God’s presence in our lives will be shared, and there is no better channel in the world that will cross seas and oceans to change the world than this new station.

a). Programs to Showcase

Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny are world known pastors who have transformed lives. Their churches have thousands of followers who attend to their programs because there is power in the way the two deliver the word of God. This is why the two pastors want you to experience more blessings by providing programs such as Bible teachings, music, crusades and children’s programs. This makes it the ideal channel to watch with the entire family. In addition, from time to time, viewers will be blessed with the word of God from some of the most famous televangelists like Apostle Guillermo Maldonado among others.

b).Objectives of LoveWorld USA

According to Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny, the new network is meant to transform the society by instilling hope and joy to the believers. Through it, the power and the message of God will be seen in the lives of the people of America. In addition, not only will it provide spiritual nourishment, but unlike what we see in evangelical channels, the new network will be airing news content and entertainment. The hand of God will be manifested through this channel that is expected to provide more of God’s word through the prayers and ministry.