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Top 3 Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments That Can Improve Your Smile

When looking to make a good first impression, a bright smile goes a long way. But how does it go when you’re not so confident about your smile? A number of studies have pointed out the link between your self-esteem and physical appearance. Apparently, the way you feel about your smile has a significant effect on your confidence levels, as well as the quality of your interpersonal and professional relationships.

Fortunately, it’s now possible to have a great-looking set of teeth and enhance your smile thanks to advances made in dentistry. Let’s take a look at 3 common treatments in cosmetic dentistry that can change yourself for the better.

Whitening teeth
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Lot’s of people man about how their teeth have stained or yellowed. Stains often cause embarrassment, but they’re quite common because they’re the effect of drinks consumed daily, such as wine and coffee. There are many OTC teeth whitening solutions in the market, but they’re not quite effective at removing stubborn stains. The procedure dentists use to whiten teeth is more sophisticated, and it leads to better, longer-lasting outcomes.
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Teeth whitening is perhaps the simplest and most effective way to improve your smile and boost your self-confidence.


Your dentist could advise the use of veneers, which thin porcelain pieces that are bonded to your teeth’s front surface. Veneers will make an excellent choice if you’re looking to enhance your smile by changing the color or shape of your teeth, as they are custom-made.

Veneers are also a great solution to other common problems–they’re used cover stained teeth, hide gaps, and to hide chipped tooth. They’ve often the preferred choice over crowns since, in addition to being more comfortable, they require less removal of tooth material. Two appointments are typically what’s need to complete veneers.

Implant dentistry

Whatever the reason for missing a tooth, there’s a good chance you’re a bit self-conscious when it comes to smiling. Well, implants are just the perfect solution for replacing teeth.A Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist will do what they can to get you the perfect replacements so you can have your smile back. They’ll first take you through a screening procedure, before inserting a titanium rod into the jaw bone. The jaw bone is allowed to heal, after which a prosthetic tooth is bound to the titanium rod.

Because implants are a lot more secure and comfortable than dentures, they’re often the preferred choice. Additionally, they do endanger the health of the adjacent teeth.

You might be practicing dental hygiene consistently, but there’s still a chance you’re not comfortable with your smile. Cosmetic dentistry may be the solution and you need not worry about the safety of these treatments.