Work For Art (1)

Art WorkWell, you recognize you want to promote your artwork, but the query is – how a lot is your art actually worth? Just since you value one thing at $20,000 doesn’t mean it is price $20,000 or that you simply stand a ghost of a chance of selling it. Nothing is price something until it truly sells, which implies the following- that someone locations their money in the palm of your hand and accepts your artwork in trade.

You all have a choice relating to making a variety concerning a subject of the artwork, where a landscape painting would look good on an open wall where it’s visible for everyone, you can select a nonetheless art or an summary to be mounted on walls within the nook.

Your art could certainly be as good as that of a well known or even well-known artist who sells for lots of cash, but many other factors go into pricing, and must also be thought-about AND compare favorably between the 2 of you before your promoting prices can come anyplace near theirs- not the least of that are your resumes.

They don’t ask because they feel insecure around artwork or artists, they don’t want to insult you, they don’t want to look stupid, and so on. Even though your prices make perfect sense to you on a personal level, they might make little or no sense to others, and when that occurs, they have a tendency to shy away from your artwork.

I wish to change the perspective some individuals have which is giving a two second glance at an artwork (although if you can’t grasp the viewer’s interest this is merely being selective) or looking for meaning in the exhibition label somewhat than trying on the art face to face.